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Trevor Tuttosi

Insurance & Investment Advisor

We should get together in my high-rise office so you can see me in my three-piece suit……kidding, that won’t happen. I meet with clients at places convenient to them, their homes, restaurants etc. Some of the most interesting places that I meet with clients are in combines, tractor cabs, tandem axle grain trucks and highway tractors. I have even helped move farm equipment during meetings a number of times.
I have been working, with or for farmers, in one fashion or another for my entire life.

My first experiences with farming came from my grandfather’s farm in Saskatchewan: feeding and slaughtering chickens, cultivating the fields and helping with seeding. Some of my favorite memories were building straw houses while waiting for grandpa to arrive with the combine to fill up the grain truck. And oh, the field suppers during harvest, can’t forget those.

Growing up, my father worked for a bank and he specialized in agricultural lending. He truly believed in serving his customers. That being the case, I remember bouncing around in grain trucks when he would go out to lend a hand during harvest time. In high school, a great way to earn some spending money was loading spent hens onto the semi. During university, I spent summers working for a mixed grain and potato farmer learning many aspects of the business. After university, my passion for agricultural animals led me to working in the hog industry in various positions for a number of years.

For a few years, I was involved in the organic industry, as a General Manager of a certification body, as well as an on-farm inspector.

Throughout my Ag related career, I’ve seen many different farm businesses. While I used to believe the largest obstacles were challenges such as drought, high input costs, or low commodity prices, I don’t believe that to be the case any longer. While those threats can be daunting, I feel the largest obstacle is transitioning the farm enterprise to the next generation, or getting out of the farm business efficiently. I learned these lessons personally when I wasn’t able to take over my grandfather’s farm in the early 90s.

These events have led me to specialize in helping farmers with their succession plans, whether transitioning the farm to the next generation, or transitioning to retired life after the sale of the farm.

Concentrated business efforts build wealth, yet when it comes to retirement or succession planning, diversifying is key. The uniquely structured products I represent, applied strategically, allow farmers to plan retirement cash flow more predictably. By diversifying into other investments besides their own enterprise, they don’t have to solely rely on selling the farm for a certain price, or draw heavily on cash flow from the next generation after the farm transition. Incorporating various investment and insurance products into the client’s portfolio early leads to establishing a future tax-efficient cash flow independent of the farm.

My true value as your financial advisor is to become a sounding board where you can openly discuss the challenges and issues you are facing. Couple my experience with my knowledge, and I can provide suitable products that translate into tangible solutions for you and your family. I can help you reduce your stress, minimize emotions, and guide you to a more prosperous future. If you are interested in learning how these strategies might apply to your situation, let me know and we can schedule an online appointment.

I am licensed for Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance and related investments. I work with a vast network of financial professionals with different designations and licenses to ensure my clients have access to any product that they need. I am constantly learning new ways to combine various products to work for your maximum benefit. I have serious, real conversations with you to understand the investment wagon ride you will be comfortable with, and update with changes as you see fit. I work to remove your emotions interfering with your financial dreams and wishes. I can’t pick investment winners and losers for you, however I can ensure that your risk is mitigated through applying different strategies.

Outside of work, now that I am an empty nester, travelling to watch high school extra-curricular events has stopped for me. I have no idea where all of the “freed up time” has gone and certainly not sure how I had the time for all the activities when all four kids lived at home.

I can normally be found outside when not working for my clients. I enjoy skating, fishing, hunting, kayaking, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing to name a few.  Whenever possible the kids form a part of these activities.

I also attend my local Manitoba Metis Federation get-togethers and meetings to learn more about my ancestry. Feel free to ask me about the unique way I discovered this heritage.

I enjoy serving my community and am proud to be a Municipal Councilor.

I also encourage everyone I can to join me in donating blood as often as possible.