Trevor Tuttosi

Insurance & Investment Advisor

Throughout my life, farming and business have been central themes. My earliest memories trace back to my grandfather’s farm in Saskatchewan, where I learned the basics of agriculture and cherished moments like building straw houses and enjoying field suppers during harvest. My father’s role in agricultural lending at a bank further immersed me in the farming world. I recall assisting during harvest times and even working for a mixed grain and potato farmer during my university years. Post-university, my passion led me to the hog and livestock industry.

Over the years, I’ve observed various businesses, many farm-related. A recurring challenge is the transition of family-owned enterprises to the next generation or exiting the business efficiently. This observation steered my specialization towards helping business owners and farmers with their succession plans. It’s evident that while businesses build wealth, diversification is crucial when planning for retirement or succession. The products I represent, applied strategically, allow for predictable retirement cash flow. By diversifying, business owners aren’t solely dependent on selling their enterprise at a specific price or drawing heavily on the next generation’s cash flow.

As your financial advisor, my role extends beyond mere consultation. I aim to be a sounding board, understanding your challenges and offering solutions tailored to your unique situation. My licensing in Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance, coupled with my vast network of financial professionals, ensures you have access to a wide range of products. My approach focuses on understanding your comfort level with investments and ensuring risk mitigation through diverse strategies.

Outside of my professional life, I’m an outdoor enthusiast, partaking in activities from skating to kayaking. I’m also deeply connected to my Metis heritage and serve as the Reeve of my municipality. Additionally, I’m a staunch advocate for blood donation and encourage everyone to contribute.

How can we bring peace of mind?